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Genre: Alternative Rock

Sounds Like / Would Open For: Ween, Pavement, They Might Be Giants, Flaming Lips, Super Fury Animals, Beck, Guided by Voices

Location: New York City

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Radio Programmers: Airplay Direct

Label: Xemu Records

Publicity: Anne Leighton Publicity

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the love kills theory is an artistic attempt to bring contemporary philosophy into the mainstream where it can be accessible and relevant. The group is fronted by Cevin Soling, who is currently studying philosophy for his Masters degree at Harvard University. the love kills theory is based on an amalgam of the works of Guy Debord, founder of Situationist International, Aldous Huxley, and others, fused with the current bio-genetic studies on the evolution of despair.

As a multi-expressive musician, writer, filmmaker (his feature film, THE WAR ON THE WAR ON DRUGS will be released on DVD this spring), artist and student, Cevin spends much time reading an array of material; as well as making music and films. Recent projects include a documentary on the Ik Tribe, who live in a mountainous region of Uganda, and were known to defecate in front of the huts of their fellow tribesman, allow the elder and weaker members of their tribe to die, and other heartless behaviors. Cevin also learned of a more humble group of people living just off of Fiji in the Pacific Rim, who prophesized that an American would come and deliver many goods to them on a specific date. Through donations, Cevin assembled large supplies of gardening tools, fishing rigs, cooking pots and utensils, hunting knives, and more for the tribesmen. The delivery of the goods through the use of boats and chartered planes all led to the tribal Chief Isaac Wan affirming that the prophecy on the island of Tanna had been fulfilled.

The rest of the band is made up of great musicians. Keyboardist, Bill Brandau had been a member of The Vinnie Barbarino Experience. When they broke up, he and Cevin formed Cevin's first band, The Neanderthal Spongecake where Bill also served as engineer on all their recordings. Darren Pilato's a music nerd, who—when he wasn't attending law school—notated bass lines to songs for fun; he's attended Victor Wooten's bass camp in Nashville twice. Jaron Stewart can't stay still; raised by a father who was a successful figure skater, Jaron had a career as a ski-jumper and then focused on his music career, actually gigging one night with "American Pie" songwriter Don McLean. Jim Minics is also a philosopher, and for several years has been thinking and writing his "random thoughts of a practicing beach bum." He says, "My teacher, in high school, called me an idealistic asshole." Jim's 2003 band Minix was a semi-finalist in the Independent Music World Series, and he's played for several bands in the studio and on tours as a lead guitarist and vocalist.

As their name implies, the love kills theory is as much of a manifesto as a band. Society has reached a point in its development where the pursuit of the things we love - indulgence in all of its forms - is killing us by making us all soulless consumers. If art can't be resurrected, at least the reasons for its death will be documented in the love kills theory's songs.

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Happy Suicide, Jim!, Xemu Records (2006)
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Press Quotes

"I've never heard anything like it before in my life. Let me qualify that statement. I've never heard lyrics like this before. Musically, you'd probably go for this if you were a Devo fan, and you can see the artistic credibility of They Might Be Giants, you'd probably drool over this. Of course, there is more to it than those comparisons would imply. I'm really impressed with the full, well-rounded sound that these guys produce through both electronic and conventional instrumentation, pairing keyboards and sound effects with classical string instruments along with the more traditional rock venue. This is edgy and intelligent sounding music. It is a bit "out there," yet fully enjoyable in its freakiness. The thing that truly sets the band apart from every other band in the world is their lyrical content. They are both absurd (in sound and function) and philosophical. I'm getting all messed up just from trying to decipher the meaning of these songs, and I'm coming to the conclusion that they are intentionally convoluted so as to be challenging to the listener. I am in love with what I am hearing because it goes outside the norms of commercial music in such an unlikely direction. I'm sure that the Love Kills Theory is one of those bands that will be recognized as being "before their time." If music in general would take a hint from this band and write like they are doing something worthwhile, the world would be a better and more artistically significant place to live. This is a beautifully odd album. Anyone should be able to take at least something away from even a single listen."

"Happy Suicide Jim is just lunatic enough to keep your interest up. Soling and Minics interchange chunky chords, ably assisted by the sonic IED blasts of Pilato's and Stewart's rhythm section. Brandau's keyboards add some loopy effects, making the whole project a fine alternative to the bland pop currently dominating the Billboard charts... if you're thirsting for a sip of the absurd, Happy Suicide Jim is the album for you."
Larry Sakin, Blog Critics Magazine

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