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The new 4 track EP, 'Four Keys to Zen', portrays a new direction for Mashed Buddha, who's sublime, orchestrated grooves have thus far lacked one thing: Improvisation. John Corda, the sole musician responsible for Mashed Buddha, performs professionally as a keyboard player in soul/funk/latin bands. Whereas debut album "Subdue Your Mind" was an experiment in electronica composition, 'Four Keys to Zen' and upcoming full length album "Zen Conspiracy" are a collection of layered funk, drum n bass and downtempo grooves that allow for jamming keyboard solos.

1) Hype - featuring the voice of legendary guru of all things enlightening and bender of spoons Uri Geller waxing hypnotic over a chill yet driving groove.

2) Mystery Dropper - Organic drum n bass combined with sick keyboard chops.

3) Spikes - from Mashed Buddha's debut effort "Subdue Your Mind," this is a descending drum n bass pattern that evolves and replicates. Spiky, like crazy Aunt Mable's cookout punch.

4) Temptation - Damn funky catchy clav electronica.

Creative Commons LicenseThe four MP3 songs ('Four Keys to Zen' EP) are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivative Works 3.0 License.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have found the page that leads to YOUR FREE download of 4 tracks from MASHED BUDDHA'S new EP 'Four Keys to Zen'. The full length album "Zen Conspiracy" will be in stores in the fall of 2007. In the meantime, all we ask is that you fill out some - hopefully all - of the information below in exchange for YOUR FREE Downloads! - The information you enter WILL NOT BE SOLD ever.

After signing up, you will receive an email with your exclusive link to download 'Four Keys to Zen'. Any problems, questions or just want to say hello, email me.

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