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»» 365 Days From Dusk Till Dawn: DDC 1 Year Anniversary Program
MusicDish*China Is Proud To Be An Official Sponsor Of DDC (Dusk Till Dawn) First Year Anniversary Celebration

»» From North Korea To NYC - Shanghai DJ B.O Spins Libation & Leftfield
The First DJ Ever In North Korea Comes To NY's Lower East Side For An Eclectic Night Of Performances

»» MusicDish Review: Armonite's "Suitcase War"
Composed By Paolo Fosso And Violinist Jacopo Bigi, This Piece Incorporates Both Traditional And Psychedelic Features

»» Christine Storm's New Music Video "Shoulda Coulda Woulda"
With A Robust Voice, Penetrating Delivery, And Bluesy Sense Of Heart, Storm Sensually Yet Confidently Captivates Her Emotions And Stories

»» BREWDOG ROCKS! 齊來以一口BrewDog來大膽地探索音樂熱情!

»» BrewDOG ROCKS HONG KONG! 19 June 2015
Explore The Venturous Passion With A Sip Of BrewDog!

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