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Genre: Pop | Jazz | Country

Sounds Like / Would Open For: Liz Phair, Shania Twain, Natalie Merchant, Norah Jones, Chet Baker, Donovan, Sade, Dido

Location: London, UK


Radio Programmers: Airplay Direct

Label: A. Celeste Recordings

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The 60's Love Child with the 21st Century Spirit

The ultimate 60's love child as the middle daughter of Donovan who wrote "Catch the Wind," "Mellow Yellow" and "Hurdy Gurdy Man," Astrella Celeste is now coming into the spotlight in her own right. Her single "Dream," captures the lyrical and relaxing spirit of her father's music, whilst fusing jazz, pop and country in a way that is unique to her. Her songs are very personal, soulful and sensitive with a sweet, almost innocent quality that expresses a beautiful casual lifestyle. Now living in Mallorca, Spain, it goes without saying that Astrella has lived a charmed life and her music has an easy going way about it.

Having performed on stage since her childhood, Astrella spent her youth in acting schools and dance troupes before working with her father providing backing vocals and touring with him.

Her career has been richly developed by working with other musicians in recording sessions, performances and/or home jams; amongst them, David Gillmore, Brian Setzer, Donovan, Mark White, Happy Mondays and Graham Nash, to name but a few.

She says, "My dad will always be my biggest influence but I also love Chet Baker, Nina Simone, Sade, Tori Amos, The Cardigans I could go on and on."

Astrella Celeste recently opened for her father at the Jazz Café to critical acclaim and will be playing a series of dates in Autumn.



MusicDish To Throw Astrella Celeste's US "Dream" Release Party

Astrella Celeste Performs With Donovan at Isle of Wight Festival 2007


Dream, A. Celeste Recordings (2007)
Retail: iTunes

Press Quotes

"Intriguing new vocal stylist, Astrella Celeste, is shimmying out from under the exceptionally long shadow of her father, British pop star Donovan. You don..t have to listen to her EP, Blue Star, for very long to recognize the casual, comfortable sensuality that made her dad so popular back in the day still courses through her veins. This is jazz-pop community music with a wink and smile; the kind that makes you want to slip on a black beret and sip overpriced coffee with friends."
- Mike Parker,

"Astrella Celeste's 'Dream' Combines a fusion of jazz, pop and country wearing such female icons as Liz Phair, Shania Twain and Natalie Merchant on her sleeves. We Are The Way We Are achieves terrific heart and tenderness in dreamy and soothing vocals. The two cuts are accessible top 40 gems that shine with sensational vocals. Can easily win an ADULT CONTEMPORARY audience"
- June Caldwell(Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion

"Astrella has the most beautiful lyrics and voice, so sensitive, so personal, her song "Dreams" is like a deep and magical mystery tour inside her heart, and the way she sings "you" in the song "I need you," you'll swear she's singing just to you. The music is so relaxing, like Jimmy Buffet meets Carol King on a beautiful island, and the mood can be summed up well in the line "Take it easy, what's your hurry, I can see no need to worry."
- Rock City News

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